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SOOKSHMA SATHYA SAI (Vol 1 & 2) by Dr Hiramalini Seshadri

SOOKSHMA SATHYA SAI (Vol 1 & 2) by Dr Hiramalini Seshadri

Product Review (submitted on 7 August 2017):
As most readers of her books know, Dr. Hiramalini Sheshadri weaves a spell over her readers at the outset of each book. She captivates readers with her confidential revelation of exciting facts, generous sharing of interesting descriptions, and her skillful presentations of the Lord's most pithy teachings on topics of interest to all devotees. She has an arresting way of drawing the reader into each book and sweeping him along through the chapters so quickly and intimately that he feels as if he had been her companion as a part of every scene, hearing the sparkling dialogue and musing, with her, over unanswered spiritual questions of the day, which she ultimately and deftly solves with Sathya Sai's own words.

It is obvious to any long-time devotee that she, like the rest of us, has been "tried in the fires of His Love," which has resulted, in her case, in a pure and magnetic heart, which attracts other God-loving hearts to her writing like bees to nectarine flowers. Treat yourself to Volumes 1 and 2 of "Sookshma Sathya Sai: The Unseen Basis of the Seen," and let it work its magic on you!
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