Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutha Prakashna

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Ananda Brahma - Meditative Melodies A journey from the Mercurial to the Ethereal! 


1. Jaya Jaya Jaya Gananatha Natha 

2. Dattatreya Sadguru Deva

3. Jaya Maa Jaya Maa Daya Karo Sai Maa

4. Rama Raghurama Rama

5. Arunachala Shiva

6. Anandamaya Bhagwan

7. Giridhara Govinda Gopala

8. Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om Narayana

9. Aruna Ramana Sri Guru Deva

10. Janani Maa

11. Dayabhi Rama

12. Hey Shyama Sundara

13. Jaya Kailash Pate

14. Prem Eswar Hai

15. Eswaramba Priya Tanaya

16. Seshashaila Vaasa Narayana

17. Koi Bole Hari Hari

18. Panduranga Vitthale Hari Narayana



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A bee-beetle buzzes around a beaker of honey vainly, for it is too petrified to take a dip to sip a little honey lest it should lose its very existence. Analogous to this, is the plight of man today. Though he is called an Ananda Pipasu - the one who is thirsty for eternal dive into the eternal sweetness of Atman, being too afraid to lose his individuality.

Bhagawan Baba says, "The experience of bliss is sweeter than sugar, tastier than curd, sweeter indeed than honey. This bliss being the real nature of man, emerges from the core of his heart, which is always pure and bright. Do not camouflage this true nature with artificial expressions and feel satisfied as though it is real bliss."

'Ananda Brahma' - The Blissful self, is an expression from the Chapter Ananda Valli of Taittiriya Upanishad where Bhrigu, the son of Varuna rises from the level of Annamayakosha to the state of Anandamayakosha through the process of self-discovery and declares that Brahman is pure bliss.

This music pack 'Ananda Brahma' comes to you as a pathfinder to that supreme state of bliss. It is a compilation of 18 well-known Bhajans harmonised into a symphonic compositions, giving it the lift of a little expected mystic timbre.

Just take a load off, unplug, and plunge in right away! Happy journey from the mercurial to the ethereal!

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